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RMI brings you “The Future of Communications, Now!” In business for over 58 years, our experience will provide a turnkey communications solution. Our staff has the certification and expertise to see a project through that exceeds your expectations!

Case Studies

VOIP (Voice Over IP):

An international firm approached Radio Maintenance concerning their lack of internal communications between manufacturing plants within that division.

Radio Maintenance, utilizing its knowledge of VOIP, immediately began a series of conference calls to assess the customers’ expectations and establish a timeline for the project. 

Radio Maintenance began a solution search by products, pricing, and delivery.  We immediately cross referenced products, evaluated the features and benefits and provided this information to the customer for their review.  After we had narrowed the suppliers, we confirmed delivery dates to meet the customer’s expectations.  Through careful evaluation and extensive planning, we were able to provide a true and complete offering to solve our customers' communication issues. 

We were awarded the contract and provided the customer with a solution to allow VoIP (voice over IP) via two-way radio from their regional control room to every manufacturing facility in the US and abroad.  The customer was so pleased they extended a maintenance contract to Radio Maintenance to maintain all their existing equipment at their main facility site.

Health Care Facility:

A large health care facility with multiple buildings had a need for a communication solution for their building to building personnel issues.  They came to Radio Maintenance for a professional solution to solve their needs.

After meeting with the customer, we provided a test repeater and hand held portable radios to assist with the communication coverage testing.  We wanted to assure that we had solid signal and clear voice communications wherever the personnel worked in the multi facility complex.

Our solution was an on site repeater that boosted the range of the portable radios between and within the confines of the buildings.  We had the customer apply for a repeater and (5) mobile only frequencies.  The personnel could use the radios in a scanning mode to pick up any emergency repeater communications but had the flexibility of using the radios in a simplex mode within their primary building assignment.  We also added an “identifier” to every radio so the users ID would appear after every transmission.  Thus, in the event of a serious issue, the staff could identify the user, their assigned work area and respond to his or her situation.  We also enabled emergency buttons which emit an audible tone over the specific radio frequency as an additional layer of employee security.

Radio Maintenance has solved their communication issues and extended our working relationship to video surveillance. We are "more than just radio” providing services and solutions for both radio and video surveillance.

School Video:

A local school district had a request to put a camera at a door entrance to view traffic entering and exiting the facility.

This was a simple project but Radio Maintenance went above and beyond the customers expectations.  Evidently, the project was not financially attractive to the larger video suppliers.  Knowing Radio Maintenance’s radio expertise and dedication to any project large or small they called upon us for assistance.

A competitor was also assessing this project and came in well over the school district's budget.  Radio Maintenance stayed true to budget, offering the school district everything they required and more. 

We viewed the proposed location, made some suggestions, spoke to the IT department and proposed a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to their problem.  We installed a stationary, IP color camera that tied to their existing cameras in the main office.  Being an IP camera, the principal could view the site from his lap top computer during the times when the office staff was inundated with parents and children.  We also added an alarm for after hour’s activities to limit the risk of unwanted visitors.

In a time of budget limitations, Radio Maintenance supplied a product and service well under their budget.  Do you have a similar requirement?

Custom Video Application:

Having solved a video requirement for a unique manufacturing process, our customer again called on the expertise of the Radio Maintenance sales and service staff.  This request required the viewing of an ingot in an oven.  The temperature had to be at a set level for a set period of time, the ingot then had to be removed and sent to the next process within a small time frame. For proper timing of this process it was imperative that the customer be able to ‘view’ the ingot inside the oven for visual cues of timing.

After successfully providing a video requirement for a unique manufacturing process, our customer turned to the Radio Maintenance sales and service team for assistance.  This unique request required the viewing of a steel ingot in an oven.  The oven had to be set to a specific temperature for a specific period of time, the steel ingot then had to be removed and sent to the next process within a limited time frame. For proper timing of this process it was imperative that the customer be able to ‘view’ the steel ingot inside the oven for visual cues of timing.

Radio Maintenance supplied an IP camera and custom water cooled enclosure that allowed a clear view of the steel ingot.  The temperature casts off a very intense glow that distorted the picture.  We selected video equipment that would transmit a crisp picture under those extreme conditions.  The operator had to robotically pick up the steel ingot to safely remove it from the oven.  This camera system provided the operator with every visual angle needed to complete the process timely and safely. 

Radio Maintenance Inc. solved another custom requirement and has made a happy customer.  The customer was so pleased we were brought in on the video requirements for their extruders and were able to mesh the use of two way radio into the project.  


A customer approached Radio Maintenance concerning coverage issues they were having throughout the complex.  The site was a gated residential community which had full time residents.  These residents spend their summers enjoying the summer outdoor amenities, and other residents who enjoy the winter amenities.  The staff had to provide security for the entire complex, as well as infrastructure upkeep, and this included regions where radio service was problematic.

Having met with the customer, we determined there was not enough reliable wireless phone coverage at the more remote locations.  We did a preliminary radio test and determined the coverage during the winter months to be marginally acceptable but when the complex was in full foliage it became unacceptable.  The options available for us to expand their radio system coverage were minimal.  We then investigated their onsite IP network and determined there was unused and unallocated fiber capacity on their network.  This fiber extended to many of the areas of concern.  We installed a RoIP (Radio over IP) system which transported the radio traffic from the main campus to the areas of poor coverage via the customers own IP network to a radio link which transmitted the radio voice traffic to all radio users in the original poor coverage areas.

The customer now has both facility wide and year round coverage and is thrilled with the efficient communications now provided via the RoIP link.

Digital at a Manufacturing Site:

With the narrow banding deadline looming and the expansion of equipment and lines in operation at the facility, our customer’s management team came to Radio Maintenance for their professional advice.

In addition to the narrow banding deadline, we faced and extremely loud noise environment as well as the requirement that every radio be FM Intrinsically safe.  We were under a budget guideline as well as an FCC deadline.  The customer wanted future expandability for alarms and text data to employees.  In addition, the customer wanted to see the new system in operation prior to committing to the entire project.

With those obstacles to overcome the Radio Maintenance team leaped into action. We determined that their license would have to be modified to a digital designator.  We checked our in house inventory and were able to supply the customer with a digital repeater, a fleet of rental radios and accessories to test at their facility. We had to order several different intrinsically safe models and accessories to complete the test.  The customer was absolutely astonished at the clarity of the digital radios and the lack of background interference from the equipment.
Radio Maintenance was given a purchase order to proceed and we custom programmed their radio to exceed their performance expectations.

Application Radio over Smartphones:

Recently we had a request from a school district to investigate the possibility of utilizing their school issued smartphones to access their two way radio system.

The issue at hand was interfacing the phones to an analog repeater system.  We had successfully linked an entire district together using control stations and gateways to back up their emergency evacuation system.  We knew the request was a challenge but we were sure we could find a solution.

We found a software application.  The software application required an IP connection so we had to explain the system design and ask for the proper credentials to enable their repeater to interface with the application through the IP address.  Success!  They can now access the radio system from anywhere in the world where they have a wireless cellular and/or WiFi connection.  Now the administration as well as the facilities management team can access the radio system in the event of an emergency.  Word of this has spread to not only neighboring schools but municipal entities such as airports who now have budgeted for the application.  

Two-Way Radios:

Two way radios are available in hand held, mobile and stationary base stations operating configurations.  The most common is the hand held or portable radio.  This type of configuration is often referred to as a walkie- talkie or hand held.  All two way radios operate as transceivers meaning an operator can communicate with other operators on the same channel or radio frequency.
Unlike cellular phone devices which operate in a full duplex mode (talk and listen simultaneously), two way radios operate on a half duplex mode.  This means an individual may either talk or listen but not do both simultaneously.  When operating a two way radio, the individual pushes the PTT (push to talk button) to talk.  Upon completing a conversation, the PTT (push to talk button) is released and the receiver is active to hear an incoming conversation on that channel or frequency.
Radio Maintenance Inc. has a storied history with two way radio dating back to the 1950’s.  During this time, we have watched the migration and progression of two way radios from tube type transistor radios to analog crystal operating radios to synthesized analog and digital radios.  Radio Maintenance has radios for every conceivable application.  We sell and service analog simplex radios (direct radio to radio communication) most commonly used in settings like small school buildings, warehouses, manufacturing and health care facilities.  We also offer repeater systems to boost the signal at facilities where the coverage signal is weak needs to be boosted.  This concept is utilized at our mountain top sites where we offer wide area coverage to entities in need of extended coverage requirements.  Our staff has successfully implemented both digital and analog IP based radio systems which utilize the customer’s network capabilities.  Finally, we proudly offer P-25 Digital solutions for governmental concerns.  These can be trunked or simplex and meet the stringent interoperability requirements.
Radio Maintenance Inc. is YOUR source for any two way radio product, application or accessory.  We are poised to provide YOU with the technology to be meet your current and projected requirements through our extensive product and supplier portfolio.