Enterprise Solutions

Communications is a critical part of the Enterprise industry’s daily operations and safety. Whether it's voice, data or video solutions, RMI provides expertise to utilize the right technology for the right solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

Radio Over IP (ROIP)

Radio Over IP allows two-way radios at multiple locations to talk to each other. Now personnel can talk from building to building using private or public Ethernet Network(s).
RMI has extensive experience in RoIP solutions. With RoIP (Radio over IP) technology a two-way radio user can talk from one point to any Network and/or Internet connected location in any part of the world. Make your two way radio system work harder for you so your personnel work smarter for you.
A leader in wireless communications, RMI can provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact RMI today to get started on a better way of business! Schedule a free consultation on the best communication solution to fit your businesses needs.


Software Applications

Digital two way radios provide a platform for thousands of software applications that integrate into today's manufacturing and warehousing systems. RMI provides many of these integration solutions to provide you with more capabilities than ever on your digital two way radios. One of these is Alarm System Integration.

With an Alarm System Integration solution, the software can be integrated with your existing Machine, Mechanical or Building Alarm system so that a text or voice message alert can be sent out directly to digital/analog two-way radios as soon as the alarm is triggered on your alarm system.  This saves precious time as your production ceases when a system is down due to malfunction. The radio user will know exactly what the alarm is while he makes his way to the malfunctioning machine and/or assembly line making his job that much more efficient. On top of that another application can be utilized to allow telephone calling from the digital two-way radio. So, if that same radio user responding to the alarm notification needs to call the manufacturer of the equipment or a parts supply company he can do so directly from his digital two-way radio, again, making his job that much more efficient and safer.

Let RMI’s expertise in Digital Two Way Radio and Application Software design a solution for you and your specific needs.


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