Healthcare Solutions

Communications is a critical part of healthcare provider’s daily operations. Whether it is voice, data, or video communications, RMI can provide our expertise to utilize the right technology for the right solution that fits your needs today and into the future. 

Radio Over IP (ROIP)

Radio Over IP allows two-way radios at multiple locations to talk to each other. Now personnel can talk from building to building using private or public Ethernet Network(s).
RMI has extensive experience in RoIP solutions. With RoIP (Radio over IP) technology a two-way radio user can talk from one point to any Network and/or Internet connected location in any part of the world. Make your two way radio system work harder for you so your personnel work smarter for you.


Combining Network IP connectivity with voice and data communication devices allows for integration with a multitude of 3rd party software. Today’s communication systems can be ‘unified’ for voice/data traffic across many mediums such as two-way radios, PBX phone systems, VoIP phone systems, building alarm units, nurse call systems, and so many more. With ‘unified’ communications your personnel can get in touch with the right person at the right time for faster and, possibly, life saving responses.

Our expertise will bring you the technologies of the future today, to provide your dedicated staff the communications they need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

A leader in wireless data solutions, RMI can provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact RMI today to get started on a better way of business! Schedule a free consultation on the best wireless data solution to fit your businesses needs.