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Public Safety Solutions

Communications is a critical part of Public Safety provider’s daily operations. Whether it is voice, data, or video communications, RMI can provide our expertise to utilize the right technology for the right solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is quickly becoming an integral part for public safety officials to respond quickly and safely to their call of duty.

With new technologies arriving daily, from megapixel IP digital cameras for viewing street corners and buildings, to small and convert worn camera systems for personnel safety and undercover duty, video surveillance technologies provide a wide range of solutions for your applications.

Vehicle video surveillance provides that extra safety and review-able events when needed, providing peace of mind for the individual and the department.



City wide and outdoor video surveillance provides a safer place for the communities, public streets and parks are made safer with the use of video surveillance as well as securing outdoor facilities such as waste management and road crew supply facilities.

Providing wireless communications through rugged two-way radios, WiFi, smartphone applications, video (CCTV) and paging systems, as well as 911 calling center solutions, RMI will utilize the technologies available today to bring you the future of communications now!

A leader in wireless technologies, RMI can provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact RMI today to get started on a secure and safe communications system today!