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Public Safety Solutions

Communications is a critical part of Public Safety provider’s daily operations. Whether it is voice, data, or video communications, RMI can provide our expertise to utilize the right technology for the right solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

Voice Recording

Much More Than Just Radio! Radio Maintenance Inc. (RMI) is your expert in voice recording solutions providing the public safety industry the security, convenience, and peace of mind that their voice communications are tracked and re-playable should the need arise.

Let RMI design a voice recording solution that meets your robust, critical requirements and exceeds your expectations. RMI is bringing the future of voice recording to your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you have data connectivity. 

A leader in digital voice recording, RMI can provide you the expertise for the right solution to fit your needs. Contact RMI today to get started on a better way of business! Schedule a free consultation on the best voice recording solution to fit your businesses needs.